Egyptian actress Yousra's birth name is Sevine Mohamed Nasim. She was born in Cairo, Egypt. She is the sister-in-law of famous actor Hesham Selim who is himself a star of Lahazat Harega Seasons One and Two. She first appeared in 1980 in the film Athkiya Laken Aghbiya. She became increasingly popular with audiences in Egypt and across the Arab world, going on to co-star with Adel Emam in several very popular films.

In 1982, she co-starred in Hadduta Misriyah, directed by Yousef Chahine, then went on to Ala Bab El Wazir, co-starring with Adel Emam, which cemented her success and led to even greater roles. In 1984, she starred with Adel Emam, Hussein El Sherbiny, and Salah Nazmi in Avocato

More recently, in 2000, she gave an outstanding performance in El Assafa, with Hanan Turk, Hany Salama and Mohamed Nagaty.

In 2003 she joined the cast of the television series Malak Rohy, which aired during Ramadan, then in 2004, Leqaa Ala Al Hawaa for the following Ramadan. Another series for Ramadan was Ahlam 'Adiya. She has continued to be the biggest draw each Ramadan, watched and adored by millions.

In 2005 she was in Kalam Fel Hob with young actress Hanan Turk and Hesham Selim. In She later appeared in the star-studded Yaccoubian Building, adapted from the novel by the same name.

Yousra also stars in Mategy Norkos, which is an Egyptian film similar in theme to Shall We Dance, Yousra plays a lawyer bored with her daily routine who joins a dancing school tutored by a handsome young man (Tamer Hagras, another guest star of Lahazat Harega). This shocks her husband (Ezzat Abu Ouf, also a guest star of Lahazat Harega Season One and a star of Lahazat Harega Season Two). The film co-stars Hala Sadky, Emmy, Talaat Zeen and Tamer Hagras, and was directed by Enas El Daghidy.

In Lahazat Harega, Yousra plays a powerful businesswoman who must try to reconcile with her younger sister in the aftermath of a major tragedy.

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