Amr Waked

Amr's impressive career started out with a bang, with his win of the Best Supporting Actor award in 1998 from the Alexandria Film Festival for his role in Ganet El Shayateen, followed by critical acclaim for his performance in the short film Lilly; playing a young cleric assigned to take over a mosque in a poor neighborhood who falls in love with a local girl.

Amr's major feature-film break came in the groundbreaking 2001 film, Ashab Walla Business. Virtually unknown by the general movie-going public at the time, Amr’s supporting role as a Palestinian activist was so well developed and convincing that many viewers left the theater believing Amr was a Palestinian actor.  Since then his reputation as one of Egypt's most serious and dedicated actors has continued to grow.

He won a Best Actor award for his performance in Deil El Samaka, which led to a number of successful films like Ahla Al Awkat, Khalty Faransa with Lahazat Harega guest star Mona Zaki, the action film Tito with recurring Lahazat Harega guest star Ahmed El Sakka, and the lead role in the family film Sib Wana Sib.

He worked with another famous Lahazat Harega guest star; Yousra, in Kalam Fel Hob, before being asked by Hollywood star George Clooney to work in the international hit film, Syriana. Joining the cast of Lahazat Harega in the starring role of the brilliant but troubled Dr. Ramy was next, an experience which validated his reputation as a magnetic star with the subtle skill of a great actor. After shooting a demanding schedule of 32 episodes for Lahazat Harega’s first season, Amr was called on to play Hussein Kamel al Majid in the HBO series House of Saddam. 

An actor in great demand, Amr managed to film a starring role in Genenet Al Asmak and worked again with his old friend Ahmed El Sakka in Ibrahim Labyad, before returning to star in Lahazat Harega Season Two. 

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