Amir Karara

Like many of his generation, Amir started his career appearing in TV ads in the late 90's. He become widely known to audiences when he began hosting the very popular, "Star Maker," the highly rated Egyptian talent show similar to the international hit, American Idol.

Amir was next widely seen in his starring role in the sitcom, "Shabab on Line," where he met his Lahazat Harega colleague Bushra.

However his role in "Zaki Chan" opposite the famous comedian Ahmed Helmy was what got him noticed by many movie fans. This very popular film airs regularly on movie channels to this very day.

Amir is well known for his charming good looks. He is an accomplished athlete and he appeared in the action film directed by Osman Abu Laban, "Special Missions."

He stars in Lahazat Harega Seasons One, Two and Three as the intriguing Dr. Amr, famous for his infatuation with his married colleague, Dr. Laila, played by Injy El Mokadem.

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